It is often said that a healthy diet yields a healthy body and helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Often people think that to maintain a healthy diet one has to go through strict limitations on food, they think by depriving themselves from their favourite food they can maintain a healthy diet, but in reality if a healthy diet is to be maintained, one can have all their favourite foods but in required proportions. According to dieticians, a healthy diet is one which helps a person feel great, feel fresh and become more energetic, and if none of this is obtained by maintaining some unnecessary strict diet, then it is not a healthy one at all. 

While some strict diets may suggest something, but to stay healthy a person needs a balanced food which consists of proper proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibres and also proper and required amount of water. Protein works like a battery by giving us energy and strength. Consumption of proteins on a regular basis is very important as it also supports our cognitive functions. Excess proteins could be very harmful and can cause serious kidney damage. So, it is always advised to consume required amounts.

Carbohydrates give us the energy to get up and keep going with our daily life. Consumption of carbs is very much necessary, but in a controlled amount. Fats are also extremely important in one’s diet because it helps to protect the heart and brain. Consumption of excess fats can cause serious diseases. Fibre lowers the risk of heart diseases and calcium helps to build strong bones.  By maintaining a proper diet one can live a healthy and happy life. It is always advised to consult a dietician and receive proper guide on how to maintain a healthy and proper diet.